The Night They Saved Christmas

The Night They Saved Christmas was produced in 1984 as a TV movie for ABC. It is the story of an oil prospector, Michael Baldwin, and his company dynamiting in the North Pole region in search of an oil field. A few days before Christmas a short person named Ed introduces himself as Santa’s Chief Elf to Mr. Balwin. Ed explains that if Mr. Baldwin’s crew continues dynamiting in the region they will “blow up Santa Claus”. Naturally, Mr. Baldwin doesn’t believe Ed, so Ed invites the Baldwin’s to visit Santa Claus at North Pole City. Mrs. Baldwin, played by Jaclyn Smith, and her children agree to go meet Santa Claus. No one believes them when they get back, and from there the real challenges begin.

Really the film can’t be summed up in a single paragraph. It’s a film that you have to see. I mean that too, this is a film you should see. Know this, though, that this film is not perfect. The special effects were never that good, it’s pace is a little slow, and at times it gets into too much depth about how Santa can do certain things. However, it is surprisingly well written, with well thought out plot elements, clever moments, and believable characters. The reason I recommend this film is because it’s not a classic, but it really is a good film about Christmas themes, and themes of family life in general. It’s also fun to watch.

I mentioned in my previous posts that I would be discussing a rarer film today, and this is definitely a rare one. I’ve never met anyone outside of my family that has seen it. Maybe it was more well known in the 80s, but today it is mostly forgotten. Maybe you have seen it, but if not I would encourage you to check it out.

What I absolutely hate, though, is that this isn’t available on DVD in North America. I’ve seen region 2 copies available on auction sites and such, but I have my doubts that they are legitimate copies. What especially bothers me about this is that on the VHS that I have there are previews for other movies on DVD, so why can’t I get this one on DVD? I’d really like to see a DVD release.

Well that’s really about all I have to say about the film. Watch it if you get the chance, and check back in tomorrow for my comments on yet another Holiday feature.

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