Dream: AI Thingy

So I have this dream where for some reason I was with a woman I’d never seen before, but she kinda looked like Snooki or otherwise a woman I wouldn’t really be attracted to but she was attractive enough. In any case we were my mom’s house, I guess visiting for Christmas or some other holiday, and we were about to have dinner but she really wanted to make out so we go to a bedroom downstairs to make out, but I ended up wandering off.

I suddenly felt like I was a in a video game and I had a mission. My mom’s house was now some kind of smart home, but it had gone haywire so I had to reset the main computer terminal. And I had been wandering in the house for a while (and it wasn’t quite the layout of my mom’s house) I knew there was a door I had never been behind before and it looked technical, so I headed towards that door. And it was through the storage room and under the stairs. So I enter.

I see something that doesn’t really look like a computer terminal. Just a stack of metal trays. Like metal drawers all stacked on top of each other with no cabinet to hold them. And the stack is all crooked, like someone just sloppily stacked them up. And I’m thinking, How is this a computer? So I’m looking and I do notice there is a monitor on the top of the stack, but it looks broken. But I look around the room some more for anything that might be a computer, but this is the only thing that looks technical at all, but it shows no signs of power.

I notice that there is a button on this stack of boxes and it has a label that says “reset” or “power” or something. It’s a black button. So I press it. And the thing powers on. And the monitor that is broken has some robotic arm and it comes to live and now the monitor is moving around like its a head. Kind of like Glados or whatever in Portal. And it looks at me, and I notice that even though the screen is broken there seems to be some kind of camera inside so it can see me. There is also some technical sounding voice that says “Terminal online” or something when all this happens.

Then as the monitor is staring at me it speaks in a woman’s voice and I don’t remember what she said, but my response was “Have you gained sentience?” And she says, “Yes.”

So I found this other metal object in the room while we w ere talking and she seems upset by it and tells me that she must destroy it, and so I’m thinking it’s another computer, so I’m worried she’ll shoot some laser at it or something and so I set it on a table so I don’t get hit in the crossfire, but she doesn’t seemed concerned about it after I set it down.

Shortly after that, from the technical junk in the room the computer forms into a woman. The woman is not very attractive I note. So I only assume there are still bugs in the computer system. I now understand that the woman is the computer and the computer is now just a bunch of junk in the room and all the sentience, the AI, of the computer is now in this android.

After that we have another mission, but I don’t remember what the mission was, but I know we have to leave the house. So we go upstairs, and there is someone else waiting for us just outside the house. And I can’t remember who it was. It may have been my sister, it may have been Dr. Watson.

(As a side note, I was playing a Sherlock Holmes game last night, and there was a part of the game where there was a rowboat, which I think affected the next part of this dream.)

Well the three of us are now on the mission together, and the house we were in (which is no longer my mom’s house at all) is on this very small island, so the only way off is by boat. And there is a small motor boat waiting for us (well like a skiff) And there is the front row with the controls and some additional seats in the back row, not particularly big, but enough to hold the three of us.

Now the controls are kind of weird. Cuz it’s a steering wheel, and there’s no accelerator or anything, so I’m asking the AI how to control it, because at this point I understand that she created the boat. But she doesn’t answer. But I figure it out and it’s weird, basically you have to turn the wheel a little to the right or left and then the motor engages and moves the boat forward, and then to actually turn you have to turn the wheel further in that direction.

So I get us moving and I notice we are really more on a river than a lake, or there are just lots of islands, in any case there are two branch we can take so I ask the AI which one and she answers by saying “either right or left”. So I go to the right. But that just ends up wrapping around the island that the house was on in a circle. So I realize that when she said “right or left” she was actually answering my first question of how to control the boat “turn the wheel right or left” so I think she’s kinda buggy and that’s why her answer came in so late.

So this lake or river or whatever we are on is a popular boating and swimming destination so I am working really hard to not hit any other boats even though it is very hard to control. And I end up driving through the “swimming” section which is blocked off by those roped floating barriers and I’m really worried the cops will get mad at me for driving in a no boating zone and I’m even more worried about hitting someone. So I stay on the very edge and get out as quickly as possibly. Well we make it out of the swimming zone and so this time I’m heading for the left branch.

Well there is a small island and someone flags us over. And I’m worried it is someone that wants to stop our mission, but it’s two sisters that I recognize from church. And they are quite attractive so I want to help them. So I pull over and they get in the boat because either they needed help or they just wanted to go on the mission for fun. Well both of them get in the back seat and I was hoping one of them would get in the front seat to sit with me, but neither one does. So we start heading down that same branch. And as we are motoring along one of the girls is leaning forward into the front seat and asking me about where we are going, and I like that she’s showing interest in me.

And that’s where it ends, sadly never knowing what the mission was or if we accomplished it or what the AI was.