Dream – Back at UPS

I dreamed I was back on the sort aisle. And they let me come in early. But I’d completely forgotten where everything went. So eventually I asked around to get the elusive load chart. And by doing that someone said I had to re-certify. And I am like dang I will never be able to do that. And for some reason my finger nails were falling apart and I kept biting them off. So finally I find this guy that can set me up with a sort chart and create me login credentials for the computer to take the test. But my name isn’t in the system at all so I can’t actually take the test.

So when I had come in early to sort. Someone had written a bunch of “orange” on some packages all angry like because I guess they were mis-sorted.

And also this tour came by and I was like trying to impress them by doing my thing but I was so bad at it. That’s the point when I realized I needed a sort chart.