Dream – Metro Exodus

The best way I can think to describe this dream is Metro: Exodus. Because that game seems to be the inspiration for this one. This dream featured two main characters. A man and a woman. The woman was named Natalia. The dream happened from the first person of the man, but it was not me, just some other man. He was bearded, I believe. The story took place in Russia, and all characters were Russian, and that’s how I knew the main character was not me. I will still refer to the man in the first person perspective as ‘I’, though he was not me and did not have the same personality as me. The story took place in some kind of post-apocalyptic world where people lived in camps, tribes, or on their own.

The first part of the dream was a bit foggy but Natalia and I were in a camp. I didn’t really know Natalia she was just someone I had met in the post apocalypse, and we had been with this particular camp for a while. Months maybe. Maybe only days. And without words we decided to leave that particular camp. I’m not sure why. Maybe we were looking for something. We took a little boy with us.

After a day’s journey we ended up at a hut where there was a much older man, and we camped with him for a day or two. Eventually he said it was time for me and Natalia to move on, but that he would take care of the boy. We all agreed that this was the best thing to do, because we knew that there were people looking for Natalia and me.

It’s unclear to me what Natalia and I had done to have people coming after us. Maybe we had stolen something from a camp. Maybe we had killed someone. Whatever it was I don’t think it was from something that had happened in the camp we were with before we stayed with the old man, but it was the reason we had left that camp to begin with.

So we left, but we didn’t journey far before we set up a camp for the night before we would move on. In fact we were still within eyesight of the old man’s hut. Near an old broken drain pipe. The type you always see in movies. So we set up our tents outside the drain pipe and cooked dinner. We talked about whoever was after us and how far we’d need to travel before we could settle a bit, and maybe find another camp.

I thanked Natalia for being an expert on survival because I didn’t know anything about camping and would have surely died. I remembered at that point that following the apocalyptic event I had been on my own for a month and I was trying to figure out how I had survived before Natalia and I remembered that I had managed to fish. (This apocalyptic world didn’t have mutants or anything like that, civilization had just fallen apart.)

When morning came I heard a noise and realized it was people in the woods nearby. In fact they were at the old man’s hut, so I knew unless we hid we’d be found. I knew it was the people that were after us.

I then had one of those weird dream moments where I was trying to but on a layer of clothes, but then it disappeared (I was meaning to put on a second shirt, and a coat, but all I could find was my coat), so I asked Natalia if she had seen my long sleeve shirt, and she hadn’t. Then I had this urgency that we needed to hide all our camping gear in the drain pipe so that we wouldn’t be visible and hole up in there until the seekers passed us by.

This urgency became more and more as I heard people in the woods, and I was trying to stuff all our stuff in the drain pipe but it wouldn’t all fit because, as happens in dreams, our sleeping bags had become huge. I also wondered what would happen if they just looked in the drain pipe, because why wouldn’t they?

We also had some kind of kite for some reason and I was afraid it would give away our position. And at that point there were people so close by I could see them, but for whatever reason I was convinced that they hadn’t seen us. Or they had seen us, but they were just random people in the woods and not people that were looking for us.

Either way the urgency to get out of there persisted and Natalia and I ended up hiding by a cliff side in hopes that no one would come to the bottom of it and see us. And that is when the dream ended and it was pretty awesome.

I pretty sure the character Natalia was played by that actress from that Russian show The Method that played Esenya, Paulina Andreeva.