Dream – The Flame Wave

The dream happened as if I were watching a movie, so I saw it in the 3rd person, not 1st as I normally would.

In the dream the end of the world was coming. I believe the dream was inspired by the films These Final Hours (2013) and Melancholia (2011). Though unlike those films this dream began only moments prior to the coming doom.

It was known that the flame wave was coming. A giant wave of flame was crossing the world and most assumed the flame would destroy all life on Earth. While many ran from the flame, one man, who was the star of this dream figured that there was no sense in delaying his fate. So rather than run from the flame as it came he jumped into it. Possibly in hopes to get to the other side of it so quickly that he would survive.

Cut to his survival, but the flame had been so intense that it melted his face. So his face had the appearance of a melted then dried wax candle, and his eyes and mouth were sealed shut. (I believe this imagery was inspired by various screenshots of mutants from the Fallout series of video games.)

Finding himself in a position that he could not see or speak he let out a roar to break apart the sealed skin of his lips and eyes forming a new hole for his mouth. This worked on both the mouth and eyes. He found himself alone in a now barren Earth. There were some remnants of civilization remains of buildings, but not tall or anything like that. And it was hot. While the flame wave had since passed the world itself had become a place of heat, and he was burned, so to sooth the burns he bathed in the waters of the ocean. The water was warm, unlike the real ocean, but it still felt better than the heat of the earth and his burned flesh.

I should note that in the first part of the dream, I think the character was played by Keanu Reeves, and the burned version of the man was played by Vin Diesel (he had no hair on his body as well).

Having bathed for a bit, the man began a journey to find any trace of civilization. On the journey he had companions. A woman that was his former lover, a man that had been a friend, and strangers as well. He spoke with all of them about his failures before the flame wave, about his regrets in surviving the wave. None of them were real. All were just figures of his imagination, and so sometimes some were there, sometimes none were there, and he was alone.

Regarding food, he eventually came across a living thing. It was some kind of sluggish amphibious life form. Like nothing he’d seen before. I think this slug-like creature was inspired by the Kwama Foragers of Morrowind. He grabbed it and bit into it while it was still alive and ate it raw. (The landscape here was very much inspired by the Ashlands of Morrowind with the bubbling swamps and everything.)

Later he would cook them. Though there wasn’t much reason to keep a fire for anything other than cooking because the earth no longer got cold.

All the while he talked with his imaginary companions. Eventually he decided to forage for even better food, because he saw much larger creatures in the ocean, swimming near some tall and jagged cliffs. So he forged a spear and waded into the water near the cliffs. I believe his hope was to hunt a single whale-like creature (the appearance of whales but only about 2-3 feet long) so that he’d have food for several days, because the slug-like creatures were only good for a single meal, and even then a light meal.

As we went into the water to hunt the creature the imagined figment of his past lover spoke to him of hope. And that is when the dream ended.