Why I Hate "Sent from my iPhone"

I have some character flaws I’m not proud of, one of them is my irrational hatred of certain tech companies, Apple Inc being one of them. I think the root of my disdain started when Apple had an ad campaign that portrayed Microsoft as “All-Business-and-No-Fun”. That irritated me to the core, because I play video games, and it’s pretty much an undisputed fact that if you want to play video games on a computer, you do it on Windows. You can watch the ads yourself:

That was just the beginning of my dislike for Apple. What really made me loathe them was something I experienced in college: I emailed one of my math professors, she emailed me back, and at the bottom of her email was the signature “Sent from my iPhone”. I didn’t have any particular dislike for this professor (though, I admit, some students did, but I think that was because they were bad at math), but something about seeing “Sent from my iPhone” was so annoying that all I could think was, “Well aren’t you so flipping special that you sent an email from your iPhone. I guess you just accomplished the ”most important” thing that’s ever been accomplished in your life by doing so. You should be awarded another Ph.D. in email sending.” I’ve seen that email signature many more times since then, some within the last month, and I can still go on and on about how irritated I am by it. I mean if you were four years old and you sent your first email in your life, maybe, just maybe, I would be okay with you saying “Sent from my iPhone”. But every darn time you send an email? Are you serious? I mean seriously, are you that proud of yourself that you have to say it every time? Can you tell how annoyed I am by this?

So this gets me to another issue that I have. Apple wants its customers to feel like they are aware of, and using, the latest technology, that their customers are ”tech savvy”. I may be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure you can change the setting on your iPhone so that it doesn’t attach that signature to every message you send, but you know what? You didn’t change it. ”Wake up call!” You’re not tech savvy. Of course, I must acknowledge that there is the possibility that you want to brag that you sent an email from your iPhone, in that case I guess you want to come off as a condescending, high-and-mighty, pretentious elitist.

So, in conclusion, I feel that I’ve made my point that my dislike of Apple is completely irrational. So, yeah, I gotta work on that character flaw.

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  1. I agree with you completely. I used to not have any hatred for Apple, until the Apple fanbase was advertised that Apple was superior to all other companies, then Apple fans started internet fights with Windows users that Apple was somehow better.
    Like you, I enjoy Windows because I enjoy PC gaming. Thank you for writing this Jack!

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