Game Review: "Titan Quest & The Immortal Throne"

Titan Quest could possibly be the most boring dungeon crawl to have ever existed. It is not that the game isn’t fun, at times it is. It is not that there is no action in the game, in fact the action is constant. It is simply because the game is too long. Of course there are more problems than that, but that is easily the most noticeable.

Titan Quest is a dungeon crawl akin to Diablo II, but with 3D poly models instead of 2D sprites. Obviously a major copy of Diablo with skill trees for each character class, only four attributes to upgrade, virtually the same interface, 3 difficultly levels, an expansion pack that adds another act, and so on. Of course this doesn’t make the game bad, Diablo II was a great game, and certainly a well designed copy would be every bit as good. Where Titan Quest however fails is in the length of the game, the repetitive combat, and the ridiculously difficult bosses.

The length of the game is simply too long. Especially the first act. This is easily the longest act, and though the easiest it just seems to last forever. This, naturally, sets the player up to expect the remaining acts to be equally long, and though they are all shorter, the player has still put way too much time into this game. It probably takes sixty hours to finish this game.

The repetitive combat is also a minus for this game. Basically the game is hack and slash, pressing the health potion button every few seconds, and occasionally using a combat spell. This routine might be slightly different for some of the magic user characters, but it can’t be that different.

The most frustrating part of the game is the ridiculously difficult bosses, this only seems to be the case in the final acts, including the Immortal Throne act. The player’s character may be strong enough to defeat every battle he encounters until a boss, then the player will have to run around in circles dodging, and occasionally attacking, and it just isn’t fun. Every gamer knows how frustrating it is to get to an inconsistently difficult part of a game. Typhon, the boss of Titan Quest is especially frustrating, while Hades the boss of Immortal Throne was not so difficult. These inconsistencies are simply not fun, especially since when your character dies he must run all the way back to the battle from the last save point, which is extremely boring.

In all honesty, Titan Quest is not that bad, it is fun, but it can be frustrating at time. If the player is willing to put up with the aforementioned negative aspects, they are sure to have a good time, though not necessarily the best possible time.

Grade: B-

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  1. Personally, I prefer the game will be alot longer, The longer the better, As long as things still change..So 60 hours is nothing..And while teaming up with a friend, This game can have alot of strategy, And by the type of mastery you chose, You can use diffrent tactics which makes the game more interesting,And the last thing, About the bosses, There are some who’re really too strong, Like 1 hit k.o, but if you’re strong enough, Killing them is nothing ( I’ve killed Thypon pretty fast and without dying..) In short, That’s all about a point of view and what you’re looking for..

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