A Chipmunk Christmas

While I always watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street to start off the Christmas season, the order of the rest of the films and TV specials doesn’t really much matter to me, and I often find myself watching them in alphabetical order. Saving a select few for very last. That doesn’t mean that I think A Chipmunk Christmas isn’t all that good, it is, but it isn’t so great that I save it for last.

A Chipmunk Christmas was released in 1981. In the story Alvin gives away his prized Golden Echo Harmonica to an ill kid, Tommy, in hopes that it will make him feel better. Naturally, his sacrifice is worth while and Tommy gets better. However, Alvin is left without a Harmonica, and is expected to play a harmonica solo in a concert on Christmas Eve. The plot then follows is obscure attempts to obtain a harmonica, and the misunderstanding that this creates with Dave.

There are some good moments. The show has the kinds of morals, values, and themes that people should be thinking about during the Holidays. The music is what you would expect form the Chipmunks. Even those who have never seen this show have probably heard some of the songs from it. It is funny at times as well, for example Alvin seems to be able to run faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. I would recommend it, definitely, but it isn’t necessarily a must see.