Written 2003. Originally this short short was a bit more vulgar but I toned it down in my more mature years.

Jack listened to the conversation behind the door.  A man and woman, he recognized the male voice from the recording, it was the mark.  Jack had been a contract killer for quite some time; he had been used to the killing from the start.  He quietly opened the door and stepped into the room. 

The couple had their backs to him, and they hadn’t noticed him enter the room.  He listened to their conversation briefly, fascinated.  The man finally noticed Jack standing near the door.

Bang!  Jack shot the woman in the back; the bullet went all the way through her body and impacted in the wall.  Blood poured out of her chest, she collapsed.

The man grabbed a nearby shotgun.  He fired a round.

Jack dodged the parade of pellets.

The man quickly began to reload the shotgun.

Bang! Jack fired his gun.  Bang! Bang! Bang! Three more shots in quick succession landed in the man’s chest, he fell to the ground.  Blood spilled onto the floor.

The woman was still breathing.  She hadn’t died from the wound.  Jack stepped up to her.

She begged for her life.  There was little that Jack could do.  She’d bleed to death in very little time.  She wasn’t a mark.  He called an ambulance and walked away.  She’d die, and he didn’t care.

The End, El Fin