Rollover Minutes

I’ve commented on cell phone commercials before, and I’ll probably do it again. They are some of the most annoying commercials on television.

The reason I bring this up is because I recently saw one about rollover minutes. There is a family driving in a car, the mom in the front passenger seat, the kids in the back. One of the kids is talking about how he threw out some old minutes, and the mom talks about how using rollover minutes saves money, she seems to be pretty upset about the situation, and angry at her kid.

This commercial really pisses me off. Okay it doesn’t really piss me off, but the reason I find it so annoying is because if a person is rolling their minutes over all the time, it is probably because they aren’t using them. If they aren’t using them one month, they probably aren’t going to use them the next month either. In the end they are actually wasting money because they are paying for the rollover service, and they aren’t using it. The commercial is a bunch of bullcrap, and the concept of rollover minutes is too. Just get the amount of minutes you need, please.