‘Tis the Season to Be Smurfy

‘Tis the season to Be Smurfy is a Smurfs holiday special that came out in 1987. Grandpa Smurf takes Sassette to the human village to show her how human’s celebrate Christmas. They find a poor couple, that is struggling through the cold winter, and decide they should get the other Smurf’s to help out the couple.

What you may find interesting is that this show is it is the only Smurfs show I remember seeing. Growing up in the 80s I knew what Smurfs were, but I never really watched them. So I don’t really know much about them, or what they do, except for what I’ve seen in this episode. I find it strange that a bunch of Smurfs that seem to have lived in the same community their whole lives have different accents. I also find it strange that the Smurfs seem to behave exactly like their name describes. For example, Wild Smurf acts like Tarzan, Brainy is the smart one, etc. Seriously, did the Smurfs parents know how their children were going to act when they grew up? There seems to be a lot wrong with Smurf society. To be honest I don’t even know if Smurfs have parents. Like I said, I never really watched the show.

In watching these Christmas shows I’ve noticed two things. First, a lot of them are about people who are sad during Christmas. Which is quite true for many people. Just the other day, someone was telling me a story about how they were feeling kid of sad during Christmas years ago, but then getting a Christmas tree made them feel better. That’s the kind of story that happens in real life, and these shows reflect that. I guess Christmas is a sad time of year, in some regards anyway.

The other thing I’ve noticed about these Christmas shows is that the characters seem to be waiting until Christmas Eve day to decorate for the holiday. Seriously? They are waiting until Christmas Eve? When I started this series of posts I mentioned that Christmas is over for me on Christmas morning. I prefer the tree to be down before December 25th is over. If I were going to wait until the 24th to set up the decorations, then that would be a lot of work for two days. I know for cartoon characters it doesn’t really matter, but seriously? Do the writers even think about that? In the neighborhood where I live I saw Christmas lights up as soon as the day after Thanksgiving. That’s a little early for me, but it’s better than literally waiting ’til the last minute.

Well enough about that. These are just shows, and you can’t expect them to be lifelike. This shows is still fun to watch. Not a classic, but a good story nonetheless.