I Only Like Orange Popsicles

As far as cooling yourself down during the summer time popsicles are great. I had a roommate the preferred otter pops, but by far popsicles are better. For me, however, I really only like the orange ones, and most of the time when you buy popsicles there are three different flavors in the bag. Sometimes they sell a bag of only one color, but not all stores carry these. Recently I got a bag of orange, blue, and purples. The purples have been horrible. I’ve been trying to get through them as fast as possible. The blue’s are okay, but I want to get rid of them too. I’ve been saving the orange one’s for last, because they are the best. Next time I’m going to as many stores as I have to, to find a bag of all oranges ones. That way I can enjoy them all.