How Do Playboy Bunnies Get To Work?

You know how sometimes you think of a question, then realize you can look it up on the internet? But by the time you get to a computer you forget the question. Well, I’ve had a question like that on my mind for the past thirteen years. The question, of course, is the title of this post. How do Playboy Bunnies get to work?
The Playboy Bunny.

Like I said this question was introduced to me years ago, back when I was in eighth grade. I believe the class was Algebra I. We had received a worksheet for our homework. It was two sided, but we were only asked to do one side. On both sides of the worksheet were riddles, and solving the math problems would reveal a key to answer the questions. I worked the half of the sheet that was required, and solved that riddle, but on the side of the worksheet that we were not required to solve, was where I’d be introduced to the question that would plague me for years.

The top of the page presented the question. The problems were similar to the one’s on the other side, and so I could have solved them, and I could have found the answer to that question, but I didn’t. I was fascinated by the question, however. I didn’t know what Playboy Bunnies were at the time, but I did know what Playboy was, so I couldn’t help but think that the answer to the riddle was going to be sexual. As a young adolescent, this made me all the more interested in the question. I also wondered what bunnies had to do with sex. Despite my interest in the question, I never did solve the worksheet, and even though I had originally saved the paper with the intention to solve it some day, I lost it, but the question was still on my mind.

A year or so later, I found out what Playboy Bunnies were, and once again that question was on my mind. Once again I was wondering why there was such a seemingly sexual question on an eighth grade math assignment. It should be known that when I was young the internet was pretty rare. Only a few people had it, and I certainly would have felt embarrassed to look it up on a school computer. So the question went unanswered. Well, for the most part I forgot about the question. Only on the rare occasion did I think of it, but recently it came to my mind again, and it just happened that I had a notebook with me, so I wrote a note to myself to look it up on the internet.

Indeed, I did look it up on the internet and found the answer. In finding the answer, I also discovered that the worksheet I had received in eighth grade must have been a pretty standard thing. As there were references to that worksheet in the various blogs that I found while searching for the question.

The answer is: Rabbit Transit.

I can’t help but be disappointed by the answer to the question that I have pondered for so long. There is nothing sexual to it. It could have been the answer to any riddle involving bunnies. Why, I ask myself now, would a math worksheet have promised so much sensuality to my mind, and then give me such a disappointing answer? I wanted more than that, I wanted something more interesting than a simple pun. I can’t help but think, that maybe some questions are better left unanswered.