Home Alone

Home Alone was released in 1990. This one really doesn’t need a description at all. Those that haven’t seen it have probably heard about it. It’s a Christmas classic. To be honest it could probably be watched any time of year, but it is best fitting during Christmas, because that is the time of year in which the film takes place, and some of the themes are very heavily tied with the themes people are thinking about during Christmas.

This film is a generally good reminder of childhood. At some point every kid has threatened to run away, or otherwise said that they don’t want their family anymore, only to come to realize that they are better off with their family. I remember myself telling my dad that I was going to run away. He asked where I was going to run away to, and I said to kindergarten, because that was the only place where I knew to go. Needless to say I never ran away, but I understand how children feel sometimes.

This film is very well written, and very well thought out. I suppose it might be a bit controversial, because Kevin does some really violent things to Harry and Marv. Some of the pain they endure bothers me to this day. It’s even a little painful to watch. With that said, I think it is an absolutely hilarious film.

I guess there are four Home Alone movies now. I have never seen the last two. I don’t think they are Christmas movies, and I have no intention of seeing them. This one is pretty good though, and I’d recommend it.