Profound Thoughts on Viewing the Earth From Space

At about 39 minutes in:

Our First Games

My family got a used Nintendo when I was young and all the games the previous owner had were included. The games were: Cabal, Major League Baseball, Platoon, Punch-Out!!, Silent Service, Super Mario/Duck Hunt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Top Player Tennis

First Computer

My family’s first computer was a Packard Bell Legend 2430. It had a 75Mhz Intel Pentium processor, 4MB RAM, 1MB video memory (integrated into motherboard), 4X CD-Rom Drive, 3.5 Floppy, 600MB Hard Drive (yes 600MB). It ran on Packard Bell’s own PB640 Mainboard.

I still sort of have that computer, though the only actual part from it is the PB640 Mainboard. It now has the following specs: 200Mhz Intel Pentium processor, 128MB RAM, ATI Xpert 128 video card (16MB video memory, I think), 8GB hard drive, 8X CD-Rom, 3.5 Floppy, and PB640 Mainboard. I still boot up the computer from time to time. Mostly for nostalgia, but also to run the occasional software that only worked on Windows 98 or earlier.

It was the computer I wrote the original QBasic version of Castle on.


My Uncle Dick once said, Why would I get married and make one woman unhappy when I can stay single and make one hundred women happy.

Really funny nickname that I guy that worked with another guy had for an awkward programmer: Lester the Code Molester.

There’s a funny dialog in Rankin and Bass’ Pinocchio’s Christmas where the Maestro says My card, to which Pinocchio replies There’s nothing written on it. The Maestro says That’s okay, you can’t read. Hilarious.

Funny Joke from Norm MacDonald has a show. The most disturbing thing about Disneyland is seeing all of those smiling people walking around wearing Mickey Mouses’ severed scalp.


  • I once had a copy of Ticks & Tricks magazine that featured Supreme Warrior and the cheat code for Rings of Power. I wish I could see a copy of that magazine again. Found it: Tips and Tricks July 1995.


One thing I don’t talk about much is the time I lived in Iowa. For those of us not from Iowa, that were there, we liked to make fun of it. Here are some acronyms made up. The first one is very commonly known, the others were made up by friends of mine.

  • Idiots Out Walking Around (Also, Idiots Out Wandering Around).
  • I’m On Welfare, Already.
  • I Owe the World an Apology.

A native Iowan I met, also gave this acronym for AIDS: Another Iowan Discovered Sex.