Favorite Colors

Choosing a favorite color is something that most children will eventually do. The topic comes up among friends, at school, or elsewhere. How a child chooses their favorite color varies from child to child, and that’s what I want to talk about today, why I chose my favorite color.

As a child I found my friends talking about their favorite colors. My brother had chosen his to be blue, and that figured because his eyes were blue, others chose the the colors of red or green. From my observations blue and green were the most popular, red followed, and of course a lot of girls picked pink. Well, when I heard my friends talking about their favorite colors I wanted a favorite color. However, I didn’t want to have the same favorite color as anyone else, so I picked the one color that I hadn’t heard anyone else claim as their own. That color was yellow.

To this day, in many regards, yellow is my favorite color. I honestly can’t say that I particularly like looking at yellow objects, or that my eyes are particularly drawn to it, but I do like knowing that it is my favorite color, and for the most part it is unique to me. I know this because even as an adult, the question as to favorite colors has come up, and in a group of forty or so people, there are only two or three of us that claim yellow as ours.

Naturally, on the topic of favorite colors, there are always children that announce some obscure color from the Crayola collection, such as Hot Pink or Electric Lime, as their favorite. Are they as unique as those that choose yellow? My claim is that they aren’t. Sure they wanted to stand out, they wanted to make others laugh, but those colors probably aren’t really their favorites. By choosing yellow, a color with a plain name, and seen every day, I was saying, I choose such a common color and yet I am unique.