A Long Read: Christmas is Murder

The longest book I ever took to read was ”Christmas is Murder” by C.S. Challinor. I bought the book December 10, 2011, and figured I could read it on my yearly plane ride to Salt Lake. And so I did. I started reading it on the plane, and I only read it on plane rides. What I found amazing year after year was that as soon as I picked up a new chapter I kind of remembered what was going on. Two people got murdered and the main character’s name was Rex.

This last year I sort of had the feeling I was going to finish it, and I did. Of course there were points I did not remember but this was a very traditional murder mystery where at the end the main character, Rex, gathered all the characters together and summed up everything that had happened and solved the mystery. And thank goodness of the character did that because while I remembered there had been two murders I didn’t remember who they were or why they were important.

In conclusion, though, was the book any good? I should think not, being that the book wasn’t compelling enough for me to read it other than when I was on a plane and took me four years to finish. I give it two stars.